✧  God is Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

✧  God is eternal

✧  God created everything good because He is good

✧  Freedom is good

✧  Humanity uses freedom for moral autonomy from God

✧  Moral autonomy from God is sin 

✧  God sent the Son to save humanity from sin

✧  Jesus Christ is the Son of God: truly God, truly human

✧  He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin

✧  Jesus Christ was crucified, dead and buried

✧  He rose from the dead bodily and appeared to many

✧  Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven

✧  He did all this to fulfill the Scriptures

✧  Father and Son sent the Holy Spirit

✧  Jesus Christ will return to judge the world

✧  The Bible is verbally inspired and infallible

✧  The entire Bible points to Jesus Christ

✧  Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ, not works

✧  Good works are the result of life in Jesus Christ

✧  The Holy Spirit lives in, guides, empowers Christ-followers

✧  The Church is called to the Great Commission

✧  We believe in the bodily resurrection

✧  God loves the morally autonomous too much to force them into eternal life with Him

✧  The only other option is conscious, eternal punishment, separate from His manifest presence and love

神に栄光あれ (Glory to God)