ダニエル (Danielle) •マーティ(Marty)




President, Marty Parker, received his M.A. in Intercultural Ministry from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, and received training from RZIM Academy. He presently serves as a Bible Teacher and Theological Consultant. As an avid student of God’s Word, Marty teaches in the areas of: Apologetics & Evangelism, Hermeneutics & Inductive Bible Study, and Missiology. He has taught individuals, church and ministry groups, as well as Bible college students in India. Marty has a love for cultural distinctives. His experience teaching and preaching through an interpreter fortified his long-time passion for effective cross-cultural communication. Marty is currently studying Japanese for the work we are doing in Portland to the diaspora Japanese. In addition to his intercultural experience in India and with the Japanese, Marty has multi-cultural ministry experience working in the Urban areas of Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri and Portland, Oregon. To schedule Marty for teaching or speaking engagements, contact him here. You can check out his blog at: https://stairwaydivision.wordpress.com.


Vice-President, Danielle Parker, received her M.Div. in Theological Studies from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Danielle has a passion for the lost and for the growth of believers! Years of street ministry in a diverse inner-city, urban context has cultivated her desire to make the gospel meaningful to all people. She has designed curriculum, training, and ministry strategy for churches in the areas of discipleship, outreach, and evangelism. She teaches on the Holy Spirit and discipleship to churches, small groups and individuals. Danielle served on church administration teams and as a ministry coordinator in both neighborhood and mega church environments. In addition to multi-cultural ministry experience working in the Urban areas of Kansas City, Missouri, Portland, Oregon, and south central Los Angeles, Danielle has been a student of God’s Word for many years including studies in Greek and Hebrew. She has a BA in Business Administration and formerly worked as a Missouri State Auditor.